Two extraordinary artists coming together to create and share timeless musical gifts with the world and perform live in front of their fans from all walks of life, from Sweden and beyond.

Axel and Jonathan have remarkable abilities to deliver powerful emotions through words, visuals, melodies, chords, and rhythms. They are now writing, producing and perfecting this craft together after working on different projects individually for more than 10 years. Playing in a wide variety of genres growing up and living in Sweden and United States, they’ve managed to build an original sound and style based on experiences, emotions, cultures, and creative desires. In November last year they released a folk/indie single to launch the band on digital and social media. With several hundred listeners nationwide in Sweden, and a few thousands plays internationally, they’re glad to have started this journey with the first fans of Wilja and excited to go on stage together for the very first time. Today they’re finishing up recording and producing a six track album and have joined forces for an upcoming music video project with visual artist Zacharias Hulthén.


Recorded in Ängelholm

Axel Brundin


Jonte Bernhardsson


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